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KaktusBooks is an independent publishing house of photobooks, as objects to create, love, collect.


It is born from the idea of giving birth to works that are often often considered niche, born from the desire to share, and to show the many hidden stories between the lines, is a small showcase to browse as and whenever you want, intimate or public , which you can touch and smell.


Kaktus also runs a teaching and lecture program on all things photobook and a cozy factory devoted to book making and design, It is run by Emiliano Vittoriosi.

About Us and Books


The book is extremely emotional, has a body and a soul.

And a set of knowledge, shared over time, out of time.

Size, binding, paper thickness are affordances, they suggest ways to handle, hold and read.

It’s about disclosing more than showing.

The content is presented through the layout of a sequence, regulating meaning but also rhythm and flow.

There is no right or wrong, there are more and less effective ways to communicate, our and that of the artist, at the basis of all our expressions.

It is a journey, with many streets, so many holes, and invisible details.

Shipping & Handling

In order to keep shipping costs as low as possible, by default we don’t send by courier but if you would rather have your order tracked and insured please contact us.



Kaktusbooks welcomes submissions for photobooks from independent photographers.
If you wish to send a submission to Kaktusbooks please e-mail your photobook/zine project to us


We accept PDF or photobook dummies.
We’ll get back in touch if your work is selected.

For more details feel free to contact us.


Follow us on Instagram: @kaktusbooks


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